The school has a total of fourteen Governors, who are collectively responsible for strategic planning, policy, staff appointments and finance, amongst other things. The Chair of Governors is Ben Hegedus.

The full Governing Body meets once a term (six times a year). Much of its work is delegated to five sub-committees, each of which also meets once a term. Minutes from those meetings are then reported to the full Governing Body.

Minutes of full Governing Body:



Admissions and Attendance Committee

The Admissions and Attendance Committee is responsible for agreeing the school’s Admissions Policy and allocating places at the school in accordance with it. It is also responsible for monitoring and reviewing attendance.

Minutes of the Admissions and Attendance Committee:

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for overseeing curriculum delivery and monitoring progress. Staff report to the Committee on assessment, pupil progress in each year group, SATS targets and results, provision for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Gifted and Talented pupils, and initiatives being taken in each colour area to raise standards and address issues identified.

Minutes of the Curriculum Committee:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for approving the annual budget, monitoring expenditure, ensuring appropriate levels of financial control and staying abreast of changing school funding arrangements.

Minutes of the Finance Committee:


Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for advising on the school’s staffing structure, drafting pay policies and monitoring staff development and staff appraisal.

Minutes of the Personnel Committee:


Premises Committee

The Premises Committee is responsible for the school’s premises and grounds, health and safety and security.

Minutes of the Premises Committee