2RG – Recounts

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We have been writing recounts about what we did during CX Week. We hope you enjoy reading them.



On Monday, I was full of excitement and happiness because I heard that it was Mrs Rhymes‘ birthday. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

On Monday, I did CX week and we made bug homes with green bamboo sticks and even tried to find bugs.  I found two bugs. Before that we made buddies .  They were leaves. I wonder what we will do tomorrow?



Yesterday I went to year one with Mrs House and we were excited and we went outside and found lots of bugs. We also had a new student.  He is a nice guy.  I went out on the mile. It was super fun! I had lots of fun this week.  I wonder if next week will be fun like this week?



This week is CX week. We have been going to other classes and doing lots of fun stuff. On Monday it was an inset day but on Tuesday afternoon we went to Mr Bovey Hull’s class. We were talking about the environment. We decorated a paper lead then write three rules that we had to try and do on the back. On Wednesday we went to Mrs House’s class. We were making bug hotels. First we watched a video about bugs, then we went for a bug hunt. We found some bugs and one worm. We came inside and made a bug hotel out of hollow bamboo then came inside to put it in out bookbag and I took out my pen and paper because it was Mrs Rhymes‘ birthday tomorrow. I wonder what we will do tomorrow?



On Wednesday we first did some rather very fun and wonderful saying the whole story of The Coral Kingdom. Next we had break. After break we did non-chronological report. It was very fun. After that I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow?



This week was beautiful because on the 5th 2RG and 2BH both rehearsed. It was about The Coral Kingdom. I lost my lines but do you think it turned out good? For CX week so far we have listened to a beautiful story which was about rubbish. After that we watched a bug movie then we went on a bug hunt. Then we did my favourite, making bug houses.