Year 6 World War 2, hallway display

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Year 6, World War 2, School hallway display

Year 6 have worked together as a community to create this huge piece of artwork depicting the Blitz on London from 1940 – 1941. They each painted a section of the background using their blending and mixing skills to effectively show the colours of the sky during the bombings. Then, they drew and cut out a silhouette of the London skyline, planes and bombs as well as using chalk to create searchlights. Finally, they put it all together to create this brilliant skyline artwork.

Coralie and Henry in 6B wrote: We started off using a blending technique in a small box creating an explosion from the Blitz. Then some of year 6 drew the silhouette, planes and bombs which we then cut out and glued to the background. We really enjoyed blending, drawing and cutting to create one piece of art.