SS Philip and James’ C of E Primary School mural project.

What is it?

The school and local residents association have been working together on a project to create a tiled wall for the four dull, grey walls in front of the school building.

Sarah Campbell, a fabulous artist has created a design which in based around each child and member of staff creating a ceramic tile.

Our children and staff will experience the process of tile making- from clay to a finished, painted tile. The tiles will be mounted permanently SIDEbySIDE on the walls, a lasting legacy of their time at school. The theme of the design is COMMUNITY, one of our school values.

Who does it involve?

All children, staff, residents, governors, the PTA and friends of Phil & Jim.

How can you help?

Please sponsor a tile as we need to cover the cost of this wonderful community project!  School is working closely with residents and Phil & Jim PTA but we also need your help.

Please visit the Sponsors page to find out more.