A Stormy Start to Year 6

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To kick off our new term with a bang, Year 6 took part in a music wow day inspired by Benjamin Britten’s ‘Storm’ interlude.

This is what our Year 6 bloggers wrote about the experience:

To begin the 8th of September, we had a go at expressing our thoughts on a piece of music with a piece of abstract or impressionism art. We painted what most of us thought of when we listened to a piece called ‘Storm’.

Afterwards, all of year 6 met up in the hall for 3 hours and composed a body percussion piece and a remastered ‘Storm’ with our own instruments and a lot of practice. We showed this to the deputy head Ms Pape. Some quotes from the class 6P on the day are:

‘It was good, I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun and also, I played my flute and it sounded really good.’-Amelie

‘Uhm… what an arty musicy day!’ -Leo

‘I loved it, it was something I really want to do again as it was really fun, and I really enjoyed this activity.’ -Savannah