Anti-Bullying Week 2018

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We played team games to work on our team work skills.

We had to find someone with the same colour dot, but we were not allowed to talk. This helped us play with someone we don’t usually play with!

We acted out different ways to look after our friends.


This week we had a discussion about how it is easier to make someone sad (bring them down) than to make them happier (bring them up). We used a chair to help show that we can pull people up and down and that eventually, if we use mean phrases, it will bring a person down.


In 4M, we thought about the impact of our words and actions on people. We crumpled a piece of paper for every nasty word or action. When we said sorry and tried to smooth it out, we noticed that there were little creases all over it. We considered that maybe our disrespectful words and actions never completely fade.
We also wrote anonymous, positive comments to each other to create a mind map with all the things people respect about us. We loved sharing them and were really touched by some of the lovely comments! Mrs Velez laminated them for us so we can keep them for a long time, to remind us of all of our qualities.



This week in 5F, we have been learning about what bullying behaviours are and are not. We agreed that bullying behaviour is: repetitive, on purpose and an imbalance of power.

We discussed various forms of bullying behaviour: cyber, social, verbal and physical. Some of the examples surprised us – for example, blocking someone entering a room.

On Wednesday, in class assembly, we complimented an apple as it went around our circle. When a second apple went around our circle, we behaved in a negative way towards it. At the end of each rotation, the apples both looked shiny on the outside. However, when we cut them open, we saw that the apple, who had received negative treatment, was bruised on the inside. We discussed this metaphor in relation to our own choices and behaviours.

On Friday, we created ‘Choose Respect’ anti-bullying posters that contained slogans and powerful imagery. Some of these will be found up and around the Upper Key Stage Two wet areas in the following weeks as a constant reminder of the work we have completed this week.


As the theme for Anti-Bullying Week is ‘Choose Respect’, 6CB have been discussing what it means to be respectful. On Monday we thought about what the word respect means and created a display of all the words we came up with. On Wednesday we watched a video about cyber bullying and discussed what makes a person a bully, what is bullying and how we can seek help if we or someone we know is being bullied. On Friday we thought about ways in which we can show respect to others and created a chain of respect that we have displayed in our classroom as a reminder.