Candlemas 2021

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This week we celebrated Candlemas with a virtual collective worship with Daniel and Eva from St Margaret’s Church.

In the Church this day is celebrated on February 2, forty days after Jesus’ birth. It is a major feast and is variously known as the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, the Feast of Meeting, the Purification of Mary, and Candlemas. Each name highlights a particular aspect of the day.

St Margaret’s church sent us a gift of a candle for each class.

Xanthe in Year 5 shared her reflections: ‘I learnt that Jesus was Jewish’ and ‘when I think of light, I think of hope’. 

Gabriel in Year 3 said: ‘I learnt that people used to have candles instead of electric lights. The candles were blessed.’ 

‘It was good, we learned about Jesus. We were given a candle that we painted and we can use it in class for assemblies and celebrations like birthdays.’ said Poppy in Year 1.

Year 4 were inspired to create their own tealight holders, based on nets they had been making in Maths.