Year 3’s Mexican Fiesta!

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Year 3 have finished a wonderful topic all about Mexico. It has been jam-packed with green screen documentaries, cooking enchiladas, writing Oaxaca tourist board leaflets, learning about the Mayans and playing Mexican music. This week, the children proudly shared their … Continued

Mayans Days in Year 3

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Year 3 have been enjoying learning all about the Mayan civilisation as part of their Mexico topic. They have made Mayan calendars, written messages in the Mayan glyphs, completed a treasure hunt to find out more about this fascinating period … Continued

Year 3 Cook Enchiladas!

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Year 3 are having a great time learning about Mexico and Frida Kahlo. This week, they have been cooking quorn and vegetable enchiladas! They smelt delicious and the whole school were commenting on it. The children practised their chopping, cutting, … Continued

Frida Kahlo collages in Year 3

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We have been learning more about Frida Kahlo and why she is seen as so inspirational. She fought against stereotypes, including being a woman and being disabled, to do what she wanted  – painting – and showed the world her … Continued

Year 3 Reading

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Year 3 are excited to embark upon some new reading adventures after half term! Both classes will be studying James and the Giant Peach (Roald Dahl) in Guided Reading. If your child would like to bring in their own copy … Continued

Trip to the Oxford Synagogue

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Today, Year 3 had a wonderful time visiting the Oxford Synagogue and Jewish Centre in Jericho as part of their RE learning. They learnt all about the Torah, the Sabbath and even heard a story that Jewish children are taught … Continued

Gymnastics in Year 3

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We have been working really hard all term on our balances, transitions and rolls. We have been using some of the equipment and this week we were allowed to show our balancing and transitional movement skills on the big climbing … Continued

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