Charles Dickens Competition Winners 2023! (Charles Dickens project)

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A number of competitions were held during the Charles Dickens project, and we are delighted to announce the winners!

Drama Competition 

KS2 children had the opportunity to take part in our ever-popular themed drama competitions, and we are delighted to announce this year’s Dickensian winners! A huge well done to joint 1st place winners: Amèlie, Sofia, Clara, Izzy and Bika (Year 6) for their dramatic retelling of a scene from Oliver Twist, and Zakharii, Stefan and Roman (Y6) for their passionate performance taken from Great Expectations. A well-deserved congratulations too to all our runners-up. You certainly all impressed the judges. Your costumes were fantastic (a special shout-out to Alice, Y6, for your fantastic set!), your lines were delivered dramatically and with understanding, and your enthusiasm was contagious. Well done!

Joint 1st Place:

Amèlie, Sofia, Clara, Izzy, Bika, Y6: Oliver Twist

Zakharii, Stefan, Roman, Y6: Great Expectations

A Christmas Carol

Joint 2nd Place:

Fleur, Azhan, Douglas, Anthony, Etienne, Martha, Y3: Oliver Twist

Edward, Gabriel, Y6: A Christmas Carol

Alice, Genevieve, Nea, Penelope, Y6: Great Expectations

Joint 3rd Place:

Aminta, Cedrik, Clara, Bika, Y5 & Y6: Great Expectations

Milena, Joleen, Rahee, Wilfred, Y6: Great Expectations

Honourable Mention:

Sera, Saskia, Milana, Elva, Charis, Y6, & Ellie, Y3: Oliver Twist

Anna, Sophie, Bea, Neva, Catherine, Elsie, Agatha, Emili, Y4: Oliver Twist

Tarja, Carolina, Sky, Y3: David Copperfield

Elodie, Nola, Y3: A Christmas Carol

Milena, Isabel, Julia, Leah, Y6: Great Expectations


Writing & Art Competition

Well done to everyone who entered the various writing and art competitions across the weeks during the project, and congratulations to the below for your winning entries. They were all very impressive!

Alexandra, Y2: model of a scene (Oliver Twist)

Zakharii, Y6: newspaper report (Great Expectations)

Zulfi, Y5: comic strip (A Christmas Carol)

Edward, Y5: original story (Oliver Twist & Great Expectations)

Liam, Y4: book review (Oliver Twist)

Oliver, Y5: retelling of a story (Oliver Twist)

Cecily, Y4: a model of the three spirits (A Christmas Carol)

Lilly, Y5: an illustration of Fagin (Oliver Twist)