Children’s Mental Health week

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This week, we have been taking part in Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme this year was ‘Find your brave’.

On Monday, several brave members of staff shared experiences of when they had to overcome mental barriers in order to be successful. Mrs Tuck spoke about learning to swim as an adult; Miss Maund shared a story and photos about a sky dive she completed; and Miss Sunderland shared her experiences about completing her music exams. The staff demonstrated that even adults have fears and often need to find a way to be brave.

In classrooms, we shared objects, photos and illustrations that represented times in our lives when we have found our brave. For many of us, sharing in class was yet another example of when we had to find our brave. The children sensitively listened and responded to each other. It was great for everyone to learn that even though we all have different fears, we use similar methods to overcome them.