February 2020 – we are unable to offer clubs at this time, but continue to offer after school care (ASC).

At Phil & Jim we offer a wide range of stimulating out-of-school activities. Our clubs are either provided by our own experienced and enthusiastic staff or by highly qualified external providers.

If you would like to request financial assistance for your child to attend any of the clubs or activities provided by Phil & Jim, please complete a Request for Assistance with Club Fees Form and return it to the School Office addressed to the Business Manager, or e-mail headpa@ss-philip-and-james.oxon.sch.uk All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Below is an example of the range of clubs that we have previously offered. Our extended services manager, Mr Sadler, is currently in the process of putting together our clubs offering.

When Clubs are back up and running you can book via magic booking. All the clubs that still have spaces for your child’s age group will be shown. If you would like to pay for a club using a voucher, this option is offered at point of booking.


Example timetable
Day Club Years groups Time
Monday Chess Years 2-6 3.05-4.15pm
Monday Football Years 4-6 3.05-4.15 pm
Monday Drama Years 1-2 3.05-4.05 pm
Monday Drama Years 3-4 4.15-5.15 pm


Day Club Year Groups Time
Tuesday Netball Years 5-6 3.05-4.15 pm
Tuesday French Years 1-6 3.05-4.05 pm
Tuesday Football Year 1 3:05-4:15 pm
Tuesday Football Years 2-3 3.05-4.15 pm
Tuesday Computer Typing Year 4-6 3.05-4.15 pm
Tuesday Drumming Year 1-3 3.05-4.05pm


Day Club Year Groups Time
Wednesday Little Sports EYFS & Year 1 3.05-4.15 pm
Wednesday Food Years 3-6 3.05-4.30 pm
Wednesday Book Club Years 4-6 3.05-4.15pm


Day Club Year Groups Time
Thursday Choir Years 2-6 3.05-4.05 pm
Thursday EYFS Football EYFS 3.05-4.15 pm
Thursday Mandarin Years 1-6 3.05-4.05 pm
Thursday Cross Country Year 3-4 3.05-4.15pm
Thursday Chinese Culture Year 3-5 3.05-4.05pm
Thursday Moving Making Year 4-6 3.05-4.15pm


Day Club Year Groups Time
Friday Girls Football Years 1-3 3.05-4.15 pm
Friday Girls Football Years 4-6 3.05-4.15 pm
Friday Cross Country Years 4-6 3.05-4.15 pm
Friday Nature Club Years 1-4 3.05-4.15 pm