Exploration & Adventure Competition Winners 2023-24

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We received so many wonderful and creative entries for the Exploration & Adventure competition – well done to everyone for your effort and enthusiasm!



First Place: Arthur, Y6 (Mars surface habitat, The Martian)

Second Place: Maya, Y3 (The city of Oz, The Wizard of Oz)

Honourable Mention:

Ben, Y3 (Apollo 13)

Zubin, Y4 (Apollo 13)

Ivy Rose, EYFS (Treasure chest)

Martha, Y3 (Apollo 13)



First Place: Maria, Y4 (Nautilus; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

Second Place: Yayi, Y1 (The lamp post; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)


Original Stories

First Place: Eva, Y1 (Katy’s Adventure in a Faraway Forest)

Second Place: Alexandra T., Y3 (Rosa’s Travels); Edward, Y6 (The tale of CSS Voyager)

Honourable Mention:

Melody, Y3 (Newspaper report – Local Boy Encounters Beast)

Fleur, Y4 (Trapped in Space)


Top Trumps

First Place: Theia, Y2

Second Place: Sam, Y3

Honourable Mention: Shalya, Y6



First Place: Finn, Y2; Vedika, Y1; Rayyan, Y3

Honourable Mention:

Uhuru, Y1

Alice, Y5

Abraham, EYFS

Melody, Y3

Daniel, Y2