Fire Fire!

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On Tuesday we were very lucky to be visited by the fire service! They even bought their fire engine!

We were able to look around the fire engine and explore all of the different cupboards. We looked at the huge cutters and grabbers, they were very heavy. We were allowed to go inside the fire engine and we even got to use the hoses to squirt water.

Our teachers got a little bit wet!

The firefighters spoke to us about how to keep safe at home if there was a fire. We were also set a challenge to check our smoke alarms every week because we want everyone to be safe. Mrs Callard and one of our friends from 1C got to try on a firefighter uniform.

We are currently learning about The Great Fire of London. Did you know they didn’t have a proper fire service in 1666 and they had to use leather buckets to put out fires. We are very lucky to have a fire service now.