Forest School – Week beginning 26th November

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This week the autumn weather offered us everything – crispy sunshine, morning fog, heavy rain and blustery wind. But all the children were wrapped up and ready to go. Heading out from school on Tuesday morning in the rain and I could hear two girls having a chat “I love Forest School. We get to play even in the rain.” It was going to be a good day.

This week our focus was on ‘Looking after each other’ and ‘Being safe’ in all that we do. We talked a lot about getting hurt either physical or emotionally, and how a stick might hurt others but equally unkind words – or breaking someone’s den.

A lot of concentration and team work was also needed as children began to practise ‘Square lashing’. Working together was a real key on this new task to figure out where to rope is meant to go next. It was great to watch the brain work and concentration, not to mention the support for each, that was going on to begin to master this useful knot skill.