Forest School Year 1 – The Final Sessions

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What an amazing year of Forest School we have had with the Year 1s. We started the year with only three rules – Look after yourself, Look after each other and Look after the nature, and the children have shown again and again how they have taken these rules to their heart.

I have seen the children grow in confidence throughout the year, their perseverance and resilience are remarkable whether it’s about learning to climb a tree or coping with cold and rain or those nettle stings. The children have demonstrated their brilliance at helping, encouraging and cheering each other on again and again. We have all enjoyed so much laughter and fun experiences together.


“It (Forest School) is different because we get to be outside for longer than at school” – Mira

“If you’ve learnt to climb a tree, you could climb one to help a friend to climb down” – Grant

“You can learn about nature and you have to care for it. There’s REAL nature here” – Harry

“At Forest School we get to make things that we’ve never made before… because all of us think of ideas and then we make it together. You can learn new things about plants… yeah, because the woods is massive.” – Abigail, Vivian and Lily

“We get a little break from learning, we learn about nature and how to look after it” – Rufus


Keep on exploring!