Girls on the Ball

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On Wednesday girls from Year 4 and Year 6 attended girls on the ball at Oxford High School. Six other schools from around Oxford took part in 6 friendly games. Each team played 6 games which were 8 minutes long and 7-a-side. Year 6 girls did excellently, winning 2 games, drawing 3 and only losing 1 and only conceded 1 goal throughout. Stella (6M) got on the score-sheet in our winning games scoring all 3 goals for the Year 6’s who, as a team, played fantastically together.


Year 4  girls also did really well throughout their games.

‘We won 2 games and lost 3’ Isabella (4A)

‘The other teams played very competitively. We learnt to stay in our places to make sure we defended well and could shoot for the goal when we got the chance.’ Beth (4A)

‘It was really fun!’ Miina (4A)


Well done everyone, Mr Prew.