Greek Myths and Legends Drama Competition 2023

This week sees the conclusion of our exciting Greek Myths & Legends project. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it, and we hope the children continue to explore myths and legends beyond the project.

A number of competitions were held during the Myths & Legends project, and we are delighted to announce the winners!


Drama Competition

Year 2 and KS2 children had the opportunity to take part in our ever-popular themed drama competitions, and we are delighted to announce this year’s drama winners! A huge congratulations to everyone who participated. 126 children took part, in groups of up to 9 pupils (we were very impressed with the direction!), and the performances were fantastic. As usual, the costumes, sets and props were marvellous, and the acting imaginative and entertaining. Well done, everyone!

With so many great performances, it was difficult to decide on our overall winners but a special well done to the following winners for Greek Myths 23-24:

Joint First Place:

Maggie, Andreas, Flo, Grace, Arwen & Carlotta – Perseus and Medusa (Year 2)

Trinity, Sam, Bonnie, Elodie, Chloe, Dominic, Carolina, Flo & Jalen – Perseus and Medusa (Year 4)


Joint Second Place:

Bea, Temmie, Fleur, Douglas & Ismene – Odysseus and the Cyclops (Year 4)

Lily, Izzy, Arizona, Isabel, Melody & Kelly – Perseus and Medusa (Year 6)


Joint Third Place:

Oscar, Ivo, Mali & Hannah – Odysseus and the Cyclops (Year 2)

Lawrence, David, George, Noah, Liam & Wyatt – Perseus and Medusa (Year 5)

Dexter, Ethan, Ostap & Joey – Theseus and the Minotaur (Year 5)

Writing & Art Competition

Well done to everyone who entered the various writing and art competitions across the weeks during the project, and congratulations to the below for your winning entries. They were all very impressive!

Fleur, Y4: original story (Hercules’ Adventures on Earth) & game (Greek Murder Mystery)

Eve, Y6: board game (Greek Myths)

Sam, Y3: comic book (Theseus and the Minotaur!)

Alice, Y5: art (Athena)

Niels, Y6: original story (Nielsus, the Greek Hero)

Oscar, Y5: Top Trumps (the Greek gods)

Lina, Y3: diary entry (Hercules’ Diary!)

Viola, EYFS: picture book (Zeus goes to School)

Bianca, Y5: map

Izzy, Y3: art (Thunder and Lightning)

Maria, Y5: art (Medusa)

Maria, Y4: art (Perseus and Medusa)

Ismene, Y4: original story (When Mount Olympus and 4P Meet)

Daniel R, Y2: comic book (Monster Rampage)

Julek, Y6: model (Olympic torch)

Ben, Y3: model (Gable decoration)

Martha, Y4: original story (The Greek Adventures)

Yulian, Y1: map