Green Screen Nature Documentaries

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Year 3 have had great fun this week researching, writing scripts for, filming and editing their nature documentaries. They used a green screen to look like they were in the natural habitat of their chosen bird or animal before presenting facts about these species. Some of the children were true professionals in front of the camera and we think we may have found some mini David Attenboroughs! We look forward to uploading some of the videos soon.

We also kindly request that children bring in a clean, named 500ml bottle and 1 metre of string by Wednesday for making bird feeders at the end of next week.

Here are some snapshots!

IMG_0684 – Barn Owls (from 3M)

IMG_1482 – Adders (from 3M)

IMG_0794 – Kingfishers (from 3M)

IMG_1576 – Herons (from 3M)