Information regarding emergency school closure procedures

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Dear parents and carers,
The Met Office have updated their weather warning for Oxfordshire, however It is my full intention to open the school tomorrow unless there is a deterioration in weather conditions overnight.  If we are open tomorrow, but the weather worsens and will cause a problem for staff going home after parents evening, we may need to cancel and reschedule.  We will let you know if we are cancelling parents evening by midday tomorrow. 
We understand that school closure is extremely disruptive for all however, if the weather deteriorates and there is a need to close the school in an emergency, we wanted to remind you about our school closure procedures. 
In the event of a school closure, you will be contacted via Parentmail or telephone.  We will also update the school website by 7.00am.  The Oxfordshire County Council website will be updated and school closures will also be shared on local radio stations (BBC Oxford or Heart FM). 
In the event of the school needing to close during the school day because of heavy snow, parents would be contacted through Parentmail or by telephone.  We hope that we do not need to use these procedures and we would only do so if the weather meant that pupils or staff travelling home from school could be hazardous.
Kind regards, 
Ms Sarah Awuye