International Day 2023

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International Day 2023

The children enjoyed a wide range of exciting activities such as: making Chinese moon cakes; listening to and singing songs and stories from Ireland; learning how to greet each other in different languages; learning songs in French and Korean; and learning to salsa dance! It was also a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their own cultures with their classes.

The day finished with a flourish with our International Food Fair and what a marvellous food fair it was! Everyone who came enjoyed sampling traditional foods from all over the world including Ukraine, Korea, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, the United States of America, and Egypt as well as many other countries. Phil and Jim is so lucky to be part of such a diverse community, thank you for celebrating it with us with such enthusiasm!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to Phil & Jim’s International Day this year; it was a great success!

Ms Buxton, MFL Lead