L4 Greek Wow Day

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Today was the first day of our new topic called the Groovy Greeks, so Miss Banfield arranged a Wow day so that we could find out more about the Greeks.


We started the day by looking at photos of different artefacts from the Greek period. We had to try and work out what they were and who would have used them. The objects included a piece of pottery, a Greek coin and some carpenters tools.


After break, Miss Banfield set us a STEM challenge. We had two pieces of wood and 10 paper cups and we had to build a two-tiered structure that would hold the weight of one person. You can see photos below of what we did. Every group managed to do this, although one was a bit wobbly because they only put cups in two corners on the second tier. We then discussed why the paper cups were so strong, when it was so easy to crush one with your hand. We looked at some Greek buildings that used pillars to spread out the weight of the heavy structures placed on top of them so they didn’t fall down.



We then made some theatre masks, which Greeks would have used in their plays.


In the afternoon we got to taste different Greek foods and drink including feta cheese, red grape juice and olives. It was delicious!


We really enjoyed the Wow day and have learnt lots about the Greeks already. We are looking forward to finding out even more.