Learning Log: Creative Writing Homework

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Last week, we enjoyed using the green screen to make our own short documentaries about a species of British wildlife and watched them together in class. Some of them are now uploaded here on the class blog.

For this week’s homework, we would like you to do a piece of creative writing, inspired by the image below.

This could be in the form of:

  • A diary entry
  • A story
  • A newspaper report
  • or another creative  form

We would like this to be a handwritten piece that shows us your creativity and best handwriting.

In Year 3, handwriting should be legible with consistently formed letters, using joining. Sentence punctuation (capital letters and full stops) should be consistent and use sensible finger spaces. 

We have been using paragraphs and adverbs in our recent work and children may wish to include a greater variety of punctuation and grammar features.

We look forward to reading your work and hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Maund and Miss Sprague-Davies