Welcome to Year 1

1P Teacher: Mr Liam Bovey-Hull & 1J Teacher: Miss Annalene Goosen

Year 1 National Curriculum Objectives

Curriculum Evening Information: 12.09.23

Staying safe when school is closed

If you are worried about anything and want to talk to someone, you can contact Childline by calling 0800 1111

Suggested Activities:

60 second Reads 60 Second Reads Guidance

These short passages are great for consolidating reading skills at home. Each 60 Second Read features a short extract of age-appropriate text with an average word count of 90 words. They are perfect for practising comprehension skills and tracking your child’s reading speed and fluency.

Animals and Living Things: How the Kangaroos Got Their Tails; Paul the Lucky Octopus; The Great White Shark and What Plants Need to Grow.

Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Egg; Hide and Seek; Mary Anning; Mary Anning’s Diary and T-Rex.

Fairy Tales: House for Sale;The Glenfall Gazette; Troll’s Troubles and Wanted Poster.

Healthy Living: A Postcard from Mo Farah; Advice from a Dentist; Doctor’s Orders and Recipe for a Healthy Fruit Salad.

On the Farm: A Scarecrows Job; Farmyard Babies: The Little Red Hen; and Turning Milk into Cheese.

Pirates: A Pirates Life For Me; Female Pirates; How to Make a Pirate Stew and Stowaway Stefan.

Places: A Helicopter Tour of London; All about Africa; I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside and The Isle of Coll.

Space: A Space Adventure; Marvellous Moon Tours; The Planet Zog and Who Is Buzz Aldrin?

Superheroes: Superhero Times; Superheroes and Comic Books; The Fearless Four and The Most Heroic Hero.

The Polar Regions: Antarctic Gazette; Arctic Yoga; Polar Bear – Fascinating Facts and What Happened to Captain Scott?

Toys & Games: Go Fish; Mr Snuggles Gets Lost; The History of the Yoyo and Victorian Toys.

Transport: From a Railway Carriage; How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture; The London Underground and The Naughty Bus.

Weather & the Seasons: How to Build a Snowman; Song of the Seasons; Terrible Tornadoes and Terrific Travel Competition.

Wizards & Witches: How to Make Teachers Disappear; The Pendle Witches; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Trick or Treat.


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