Welcome to Year 2

2P Teacher: Mr Joe Shaw & 2J Teacher: Miss Ellie Blackwell

Year 2 National Curriculum Objectives

Curriculum Evening Information: 12.09.23


Staying safe when school is closed

If you are worried about anything and want to talk to someone, you can contact Childline by calling 0800 1111


Suggested Activities:

60 Second Reads

These short passages are great for consolidating reading skills at home. Each 60 Second Read features a short extract of age-appropriate text with an average word count of 90 words. They are perfect for practising comprehension skills and tracking your child’s reading speed and fluency. 60 Second Reads Guidance

Animals and Living Things: How the Kangaroos Got Their Tails; Paul the Lucky Octopus; The Great White Shark and What Plants Need to Grow.

Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Egg; Hide and Seek; Mary Anning; Mary Anning’s Diary and T-Rex.

Fairy Tales: House for Sale;The Glenfall Gazette; Troll’s Troubles and Wanted Poster.

Healthy Living: A Postcard from Mo Farah; Advice from a Dentist; Doctor’s Orders and Recipe for a Healthy Fruit Salad.

On the Farm: A Scarecrows Job; Farmyard Babies: The Little Red Hen; and Turning Milk into Cheese.

Pirates: A Pirates Life For Me; Female Pirates; How to Make a Pirate Stew and Stowaway Stefan.

Places: A Helicopter Tour of London; All about Africa; I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside and The Isle of Coll.

Space: A Space Adventure; Marvellous Moon Tours; The Planet Zog and Who Is Buzz Aldrin?

Superheroes: Superhero Times; Superheroes and Comic Books; The Fearless Four and The Most Heroic Hero.

The Polar Regions: Antarctic Gazette; Arctic Yoga; Polar Bear – Fascinating Facts and What Happened to Captain Scott?

Toys & Games: Go Fish; Mr Snuggles Gets Lost; The History of the Yoyo and Victorian Toys.

Transport: From a Railway Carriage; How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture; The London Underground and The Naughty Bus.

Weather & the Seasons: How to Build a Snowman; Song of the Seasons; Terrible Tornadoes and Terrific Travel Competition.

Wizards & Witches: How to Make Teachers Disappear; The Pendle Witches; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Trick or Treat.

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