National Curriculum


The National Curriculum provides schools with a framework of what to teach so that children across schools acquire the same basic knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects. It sets out an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of children’s knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.

Pupils of compulsory school age in community and foundation schools, including special schools, and in voluntary aided and voluntary controlled schools, must follow the National Curriculum. It is organised on the basis of four key stages and twelve subjects, classified in legal terms as ‘core’ and ‘other foundation’ subjects. The National Curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. There is opportunity in the broader primary education to go beyond the National Curriculum specifications to further explore and inspire.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Phil & Jim is centred around topic-based and whole-school project learning. Our curriculum develops children’s social and emotional skills and prepares them for life in 21st century Britain through teaching them about core values.

Key elements of our curriculum are:

  • Whole-school subject-specific projects and days to inspire, enthuse and engage
  • Opportunities to participate in competitions, including recitals, performances and sporting events
  • Opportunities for children to have an input in their learning (including School Council)
  • The chance to compose, make, do, build, investigate, explore, collaborate and apply basic skills across the broader curriculum
  • Opportunities for the application of skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts
  • The sharing and celebration of achievements (eg. assembly, play, display, museum) with classmates, parents/carers and the wider school community

Over the course of the year, children across the school will also take part in a range of trips linked to their curriculum work and benefit from visitors coming into school. In addition, we hold theme days and weeks to enrich the curriculum such as Classic Poetry Recital Week, World Book Day or Science Week.

Curriculum Provision


The following subject pages details how we teach the subject at Phil & Jim. They also contain detailed curriculum maps that show what each year group is taught in each subject. Please also see our Meet the Staff page for who to contact regarding subject-specific information.


Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


At Phil & Jim, we shape our curriculum around our Christian vision: “I have come that you may have life in all its fullness.” John 10:10 and our values of love, compassion and community.

Our Christian vision is the foundation of our school and allows us to:

  • Respect and love everyone for who they are
  • Celebrate and serve our diverse community
  • Nurture a passion for education so everyone can realise their potential

Our intention is that as pupils move through the school, they enjoy experiences so they can flourish, develop behaviours and habits so they gain skills and knowledge to be lifelong learners, and develop a moral compass so they can recognise their place as a positive member of society.

Our aim is to provide our children with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow.


To realise this our teachers will follow our vision and plan against the following:

  • question, find answers and adapt
  • reflect and be resilient
  • experience, explore and discover
  • share, explain and teach
  • creativity, fun and joy of learning

Each child will learn, develop and accumulate skills, subject knowledge and an understanding of key vocabulary.

How we Design and Deliver our Curriculum

We celebrate and welcome differences within our diverse school community and therefore the way in which we deliver our curriculum is unique to the individual and diverse pupils we are fortunate to work with.

In delivery of our curriculum we recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences, allow the children to develop relationships, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.

The Phil & Jim Curriculum is based on immersing our pupils in vocabulary and language, allowing them to explore lines of enquiry inspired by:

  • a text (including reading for pleasure)
  • a piece of art, architecture, music
  • a place (local, national or international)
  • a significant event or person in history
  • a current event

Pupils are taught the National Curriculum through carefully selected stimulus.  Opportunities and hands on activities are planned to allow our pupils to experience and explore the themes within each stimulus in detail.


Our pupils will:

  • be emotionally intelligent and engage in positive relationships with their peers, members of their immediate and wider community
  • enjoy learning
  • be able to recognise, manage and engage with their own physical and emotional health and well-being
  • be able to read to learn and for pleasure
  • master maths fluency and strategy
  • be able to write for an audience and purpose
  • be curious, creative, critical thinkers
  • be motivated, engaged, resilient, independent learners


Further Curriculum Information

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