For many of the staff and pupils at Phil & Jim, CX Week is the highlight of the school year! CX Week is an opportunity to go off-topic and off-piste.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 can choose from a range of inspiring and exciting programmes, specially created by the staff, and often reflecting their particular passions. Some of the most popular in recent years have been “Bike Bonanza”, during which the children have learnt bike maintenance and safety, as well as planning and going on cycling expeditions; “Food Glorious Food”, when the children have learnt about food production, marketing and cooking, culminating in preparing a banquet for the Governors; and “I like to move it”, which focused on health and fitness. A feature of the week is that pupils are in groups with children from other years, which strengthens friendships across year groups.

In Key Stage 1, pupils like to spend the week going on wild adventures, and making the most of the school’s location by the canal and Port Meadow. The children are taken out and about, and learn about animal tracking, tree spotting and how to build effective dens and rafts from natural materials.

In EYFS, the children also enjoy a week of imaginative and creative activities, often culminating in a Pirates and Princesses Ball!