We are fortunate at Phil & Jim to be a diverse community, comprising families of many different nationalities. We celebrate our diversity and use it as a learning opportunity.

We also value the links we can make with schools across the globe, which enable us to share our learning with other children in other places, and from whom we can learn too.

We are linked with Tinis Primary School in South Africa – a link that was formed with the support of the charity BEFSA. We have been fortunate to be able to send a number of our school staff out to South Africa to visit the school and two South African teachers have been over to visit us.

Below are some photos from the last visit, when Mr Bovey-Hull visited Tinis School during October 2019.


Below are some photographs from the visit we made to the school in October 2017 and you can find out more by reading our blog about the Connecting Classrooms Project.