Remote Learning Information

In the event of your child isolating, your child’s bubble isolating, or full or partial school closures, Phil & Jim will provide an online curriculum through remote learning at home.
Please refer below for details and information regarding your child’s ongoing education during COVID-19 closures.

Class Dojo (see below for link)
Pupils will need to access Class Dojo daily in order to participate in the remote learning. (Your child has been provided with a username and password.)

Daily Lessons and Activities:

KS1 & KS2

Via Class Dojo, the class teacher will prepare and provide daily lessons and activities which will be in line with the current class curriculum.


Our EYFS classes currently use Tapestry to access home/remote learning. Please see the link below.

Daily provision:

On average, 4 hours of work a day for KS2 and 3 hours of work a day for KS1/EYFS.

Remote Learning Provision Policy (Located on the Policies & Procedures page)


Remote Learning Logins

         Our Early Years classes use Tapestry.                                                            Years 1 to 6 use Class Dojo for learning from home.