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Magic Booking is our parent payment portal for all wraparound care, trips and school lunches.  The parent and / or carer with an account, is responsible for managing their account from booking, amending, cancelling and ensuring adequate bookings are made in good time for wraparound care and lunch provision.

On this page you will find videos on how to use the various areas of the platform.  At the bottom you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.  All of our activities require advance booking by at least 24 hours, depending on the activity.


Please check out the ‘parent view introduction’ video:

Below you will find help videos for:

                        • How to make an ad-hoc or regular booking

                        • How to amend dates

                        • How to book extra options (such as voluntary contributions or ASC top up)

                        • How to make whole season bookings






Childcare Vouchers

If you want to pay by childcare vouchers (CCV), if the activity is one that can be paid with the vouchers, the checkout will give you an option to tick ‘pay by CCV’  either all in one payment, or by installments.  You then need to pay your voucher provider and direct them to pay the school.  The school will reconcile the vouchers during the first week of the month unless requested to check sooner.  The vouchers need to have cleared our account before we can add them to the Magic Booking account.


Other Card Payments

These are processed directly with magic booking and will automatically be added to the magic booking account.


Arrears, Reminders and Auto-Cancellations

The platform will not allow the acquirement of arrears.  If there is a debit amount on your account this will need to be cleared before any further bookings can be made, including lunches.  You will need to provide your child with a packed lunch whilst the account is settled

If a payment is overdue, you will receive an auto-generated reminder from Magic Booking.  If your booking is not settled an hour before the session is due to start, the platform will cancel the session and the account holder will get auto-generated a cancellation notice in order to find alternative either Childcare arrangements or lunch provision.

PLEASE NOTE: ASC cannot be booked on the same day, this includes rebooking a cancelled session. 


Accounts, Statements and Booking Confirmation

You can check the status of your account and any bookings 24-7 with the Magic Booking platform.  We recommend the calendar view ,as it is quite easily identifiable if there is a missing booking.   References are always provided on completion of the booking and emailed to the account holder making the booking.

  • You cannot pay for another account holders booking, unless via their account details.
  • Funds cannot be moved from one account to another.
  • Allocations cannot be moved from one activity to another.

If you need to make any changes to the account, the account holder will need to do this.


LIVE Calendar

Magic Booking is a live calendar therefore if there is no available space for a club or wraparound care it will not allow a booking.  If you cancel a booking the session space becomes available for other families to book.  Due to limited spaces,  we do kindly ask that you do cancel at your earliest convenience to allow a waiting family to book.    We do not have waiting lists.



Refunds are automatically generated if the notice periods are adhered to.  If you are cancelling wraparound care within 7 days you will not automatically receive a refund as per the ASC terms and conditions


NB: SS Philip and James school does not manage Magic Booking accounts on behalf of parents or carers.  Parents and carers who have accounts are responsible for managing their accounts and their bookings.   


For further information regarding wraparound care, please contact our Extended Services Manager Mr Sadler on clubs@philandjim.org.uk


For any other query please contact the general office on:   office@philandjim.org.uk  stating Magic Booking & Your child’s class in the email subject line. 

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