At Phil and Jim we provide a happy, nurturing and supportive environment underpinned by our core values. All members of our school community are valued and respected, so that everyone can have a positive attitude about themselves and others.



Our three core values of love, compassion and community form the basis of our work in school.

We create an environment where our pupils can show love for each other, our school, our local community and global community.

Because all people have been made in a caring God and all are valued equally, we show compassion for each other, those in our community and across the globe.

In our community we model and develop trusting relationships which enable our pupils to make the right choices and keep themselves safe and happy.


Our Mission Statement

Together we shine.


We value our school as a source of knowledge and skills.

  • To provide a welcoming and purposeful environment in which
    children can learn in an enthusiastic and secure atmosphere
  • To deliver a rich and diverse curriculum in order to best develop
    pupils’ intellectual, physical and aesthetic abilities
  • To instil in children the highest expectations of effort, behaviour
    and achievement

Each person is valued for their individual abilities and respected

for the unique contributions they make.


  • To generate and develop confidence and self-esteem in each child
  • To engender an inquisitive nature and an intrinsic desire to learn
    throughout life
  • To offer every child equal access to the curriculum and the full
    range of school activities
  • To promote the pupil voice by giving pupils opportunities to
    express their views
  • To ensure that the staff feel valued and supported

We value our role in the community.


  • To promote responsible citizenship, and an awareness of
    community needs and the contribution we can make to society
  • To celebrate cultural diversity, value the opinions of others and
    foster tolerance
  • To encourage teamwork and co-operation through the use
    of learning opportunities

We value our close links with the Church.


  • To stimulate children to become spiritually aware and to
    develop moral values
  • To provide pastoral care and embody a Christian ethos
    that values and respects other faiths

Promoting British Values

How British Values are promoted at Phil and Jim can be found on our School Information Page.