School Council


The purpose of the School Council is to get new ideas by consulting classes on things that will affect them in the school e.g. fundraising for charity, how to improve the school environment and outdoor play.

At the beginning of the year, each class votes for one representative to go on the School Council. Year 6 class representatives are given the additional responsibility of Chair and Secretary. Their role is to discuss ideas with their class and take responsibility for sharing them at School Council meetings, which are held regularly with the PSHE Lead, Mrs Hodgkiss. After School Council meetings, the class representatives report back to their classes.

As a School Council member, children need to be prepared to talk to a group, be a good listener, share ideas and be organised.

2022 – 2023: School Council ensured every class had a recycling bin, as they were very passionate about the environment!

2023 – 2024: Watch this space!


Playground Leaders

The purpose of Playground Leaders is to provide activities for children to join in with during lunch times. At the beginning of the year, children in Year 5 and 6 can volunteer to be a Playground Leader.

Playground Leaders are allocated a weekly slot and prepare and run their own activity using equipment provided by the school.

As a Playground Leader, children need to be able to talk confidently to a group, be a good listener, be patient, be caring, be organised and be committed to carry out their role throughout the year.