Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Role Name
Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms Sarah Awuye
Deputy Headteacher and deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss Kirsty Pape (Curriculum Lead)
School Business Manager Ms Karen May
SEND Lead and deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss Siobhan Mallon (Inclusion Lead)


Middle Leadership Team
Role   Name
Foundation Stage Lead Ms Sandra Cheang
Head of Lower School (Years 1- 2) Ms Sandra Cheang
Head of Upper School (Years 3 – 6) Miss Siobhan Mallon


Teaching Teams
Foundation Stage
Year Group Class Teacher Class TA Year Group TA
EYFS EYP Mrs Tiffany Ponsonby (Art Lead) Ms Vanna Pom
EYFS EYJ Ms Sandra Cheang Ms Carola Fiorentino
Key Stage 1
Year Group Class Teacher Class TA Year Group TA
Year 1 1P Miss Beulah Sprague-Davies (PSHE Lead) Miss Megan Barrett am

Ms Maria Almeida pm

Miss Violet Trott
Year 1 1J Mr Joe Shaw Mr Jonathan Lavy
Year 2 2P Miss Sophie Coleman (English Lead) Ms Maria Almeida am

Miss Lydia Shaw pm

Miss Megan Barrett
Year 2 2J Miss Eleanor Murthwaite Miss Violet Trott
Lower Key Stage 2
Year Group Class Teacher Class TA Year Group TA
Year 3 3P Miss Gabrielle Sandford / Mrs Jane Gould (History & Geography Leads) Mr Dean Boswell Mr Dominic Hinde

Mr Dean Boswell

Year 3 3J Miss Need Miss Karli Matthews
Year 4 4P Mr Liam Bovey-Hull (PE Lead) Miss Emily Holden am

Miss Diana Sousa pm

Year 4 4J Miss Mallon Mr Dominic Hinde
Upper Key Stage 2
Year Group Class Teacher Class TA Year Group TA
Year 5 5P  Mr Tom Waldron (Science Lead) Ms Helena Tuck
Year 5 5J Mr Andrew Ansell (Maths Lead) Miss Lydia Shaw am

Miss Megan Barrett pm

Year 6 6P Miss Emily Bell (Music Lead) Mr Patrick Robinson
Year 6 6J Miss Alice Buxton (MFL Lead)


Whole School Teaching Support Staff
Role Name
PE Coach & Extended Schools Manager Mr Luke Prew
Intervention Mrs Katie Sayer
Intervention Miss Emma May
Cover Supervisor Mr Dean Boswell
Cover Supervisor Miss Violet Trott


Whole School Classroom Support Staff
Role Name
HLTA Mrs Helena Tuck
HLTA Miss Abegail Need


Administrative Staff
Role Name
PA to Headteacher and Office Manager Ms Kirsty Underwood
School Administrator Miss Esther Pape
School Administrator (and Librarian) Mrs Vanessa Velez


Support Staff
Role Name
Site Manager Mr Antony Matthews
Assistant Site Manager Mr Peter Mansell
Lunchtime Play Supervisor Mr Benedict Van De Bergh


Sarah Awuye

Kirsty Pape

Karen May

Siobhan Mallon

Sandra Cheang

Tiffany Ponsonby

Beulah Sprague-Davies

Joe Shaw

Sophie Coleman

Eleanor Murthwaite

Gabrielle Sandford

Jane Gould

Liam Bovey-Hull

Tom Waldron

Andrew Ansell

Emily Bell

Alice Buxton

Ellie House

Carola Fiorentino

Megan Barrett

Maria Almeida

Violet Trott

Luke Prew

Diana Sousa

Emily Holden

Vanna Pom

Dean Boswell

Karli Matthews

Helena Tuck

Abegail Need

Kirsty Underwood

Esther Pape

Antony Matthews

Peter Mansell

Vanessa Velez