Phil and Jim Primary School aims to ensure that all children gain knowledge and skills during their time with us. We feel that any work completed at home should be of value, promote confidence and independence.


  • To encourage independent learning and allow children to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning.
  • To enable children to practise and consolidate skills.
  • To develop independence and perseverance.
  • To enable children to consolidate and maximise their learning and progress in school.


At Phil and Jim Primary School we expect every child to complete a Learning Log activity each week.  A Learning Log is a personal record where the children can reflect and share their knowledge and understanding of objectives taught in whatever way they choose to present it.  Completing a Learning Log helps the children to reflect on what they have learnt, what skills they have developed and what they are trying to achieve. It also allows parents/carers to support their child/children and be part of the learning process happening in school.

Further details about homework can be found in the school’s Homework Policy on the policies page.