The school seeks to help all pupils to travel to and from school safely, and it encourages pupils and their families to leave their cars at home whenever possible.

Road Safety

All pupils are taught road safety as part of the curriculum, and pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in basic cycle training.

Y5 & Y6 pupils may wish to travel to/from school unaccompanied by their parents. If so, they may bring a mobile phone to school with which to confirm to their parents that they have arrived safely (before switching the mobile phone off and handing it in to the school office for the day). Or parents are welcome to telephone the school office to confirm that their children have arrived safely.


A Policy of Reducing Car Use

Car access to school is limited by a system of rising bollards at the east end of the Aristotle Lane bridge. The bollards are raised between 8.00 am and 9.15 am, and again between 2.30 pm and 3.45 pm. Parents are not permitted to drive across the bridge to school at those times, unless there are special circumstances (please discuss this with the Headteacher).

There is very limited parking on the roads around the east side of the bridge, making driving a difficult option.

Leaving cars at home also helps to enhance road safety, as it reduces traffic congestion on the roads around school.


Encouraging Walking, Scooting and Cycling

The school seeks to ensure that its pupils appreciate the benefits of looking beyond the car as a means of travel, benefits which include their health, the community, the environment, and their own self-confidence.

On a practical level, the school has lockable scooter and cycle racks for the use of pupils.


Committed to Sustainable Travel

85% of our pupils consistently walk, scoot or cycle to school (results from annual travel survey).


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