There is no uniform at Phil & Jim, but we do have a dress code to help pupils and parents decide what is appropriate to wear in a learning environment.

Our Code

  • Children are required to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. No inappropriate slogans please. Tops should be long enough to cover your child’s stomach, and bottoms should be long enough to cover underwear. All bottoms should be at least in line with your child’s fingertips when standing upright.
  • Sensible shoes. Generally comfortable, flat footwear is advised. No flip flops, please.
  • Head-wear is only allowed to be worn indoors if it is for religious or medical reasons.
  • Children are not permitted to wear jewellery. If your child has pierced ears, studs are permitted but must be removed for PE.
  • Children should bring a coat for break times, depending on the weather forecast.


PE Kit

For health and safety reasons, all children at Phil & Jim must change into a separate PE kit for all PE lessons regardless of what they wear to school.  We have a compulsory PE kit which consists of white or navy shorts and trainers (which can be purchased from any outlet) and our navy school T-shirt, which you can purchase online.  Here you will also find a number of optional PE items which you can choose to purchase if you wish. These include shorts, skirts, mid-layer tops and bottoms.

You can also purchase a Phil & Jim draw string bag, ideal for storing your child’s PE kit.



Please ensure all items are named and stored in a bag on your child’s peg. PE kits must remain in school during the week, but can be taken home at the weekend to launder.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, and are therefore having difficulties purchasing the PE kit, please do contact the school office, and request to speak to the Office Manager.


Book Bag

Children will need a book bag for transporting homework, reading books, correspondence, etc. to and from school.

Optional Phil & Jim bags may be purchased from the office for £5.00.