Pentecost May 2021

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Christians believe that the story of Pentecost is the story of how God’s Holy Spirit helped the little group of Jesus’ disciples to grow into the Church and to begin to tell others the good news of God’s love.

Just before he died, Jesus told his disciples that, when he was no longer with them, he would send a gift – a special gift. Christians believe that this gift is the Holy Spirit – God’s presence and power. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would help us, teach us and guide us in the right way.

After his death and his rising again, Jesus told his friends to go to the city of Jerusalem and wait for this gift. So, they went back to Jerusalem and met together to pray and to wait.

There came a special day called Pentecost. This name comes from a word meaning ‘fifty’. Pentecost is 50 days after the Passover. At Pentecost, Jewish people travelled to Jerusalem from lots of different places to worship God. It was on this day that the Holy Spirit came.

The Christian Bible tells us that a sound was heard like the sound of a great wind. And flames like fire appeared on the heads of the disciples. God’s Holy Spirit had come.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Eva led pupils around 6 stations in the Church to explore Pentecost through different themes:

Waiting for the Holy spirit to come.

Receiving the Holy Spirit.

Telling others the Good News.

Doing and taking action.

Sharing and working together.

Growing – the Church growing in the power of the Spirit.

“There were stations around the church showing us different things.” Noa, Year 6.

“It was all interesting but the section I could relate to most was ‘telling’ as it was all about communication and I reflected on what had happened over this past year.” Sophie, Year 6.