Rosie Rabbit makes a fruit smoothie

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Rosie Rabbit is making a smoothie to enjoy in the sunshine today. She follows the recipe below.

Recipe: Blend together half of a chopped up banana, a quarter of a punnet of blueberries, 100 ml of milk and five ice cubes.

First, Rosie washed her hands.

Second, she counted how many blueberries there were in the punnet. There were 24.

Then, Rosie borrowed one of the paper plates we used at school (you can make your own with a piece of paper).

Next, she placed a blueberry one by one into each quarter of the circle keeping on going until all of the blueberries were used up. When finding quarters, everyone needs the same amount so it is equal and fair.

Finally, she counted how many were in one quarter. Can you see how many one quarter of 24 is?

Rosie is not quite sure how she can cut the banana in half so that she gets one piece of two equal parts. Can you find half of a banana? You could try this at home or even make your own smoothie recipe and her know by emailing us!