Statement of Intent

Within the limitations set out by statutory guidance and health and safety legislation and wherever possible, SS Philip and James Primary School will remain open during the school day to deliver education to its pupils. In order to achieve this, the school will work closely in partnership with and have high expectations of, all stakeholders. This will in return require all stakeholders to share and actively participate in this aspiration.

  • The Headteacher is authorised to make an emergency closure when exceptional circumstances make it absolutely necessary and all in the best interests of the pupils. Such situations may include snow, floods, power failure, widespread illness or pandemic etc.
  • Schools Services will be informed if there is a proposed closure. In an emergency it may be difficult to contact the Schools Services and the Headteacher will therefore act independently in a threatening situation. Schools Services will be informed as soon as possible of any action taken.
  • In the case of adverse weather conditions, the Headteacher will consult all of the staff and the Chair of Governors before making the decision to close.
  • In the case of a pandemic, the school will follow National/County Council guidance.
  • The school will remain open if a senior member of staff (Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher) and enough teachers and teaching assistants are available, so enabling the school to comply with statutory regulations regarding class sizes.


Emergency Contacts

Parents must give the school an emergency contact point. Data Collection forms are sent out annually to all parents. Parents are required to complete and return forms promptly. If the forms are not returned, the previous year’s form will be annotated as such and kept on file. The information on emergency contacts and instructions in respect of each pupil will be held centrally in the emergency contacts folder held in the office.

It is essential that parents keep the school up to date with any change in their contact details.


Notice of Closure

The school will make every effort to publicise any sudden closure. This will be done in the first instance via Parentmail or text message. The school will also make an announcement via the school and county website and via BBC Radio Oxford and Heart FM. Staff and/or a notice will be posted at the school gates to help prevent pupils from being left by parents and the start of the school day if possible. In instances of severe weather, parents should monitor the radio stations stated above and the nominated phone for text contact. The Oxfordshire County Council and radio stations also list closed schools.


Travel to and from School

Parents should be aware that it is their responsibility to make sensible decisions of behalf of their children when weather conditions are severe. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children to and from school.



All of the service providers who will be affected by the closure will be informed as soon as possible, once families and staff have been contacted.


Safeguarding Precautions on Closure

No pupil will be allowed to leave school unless the school is aware that an identified adult will be available to supervise him/her at their destinations. It may be that a parent who collects his/her children offers to give shelter to other children. The agreement of the parents of these children must be given before pupils are released in this way.

We will ensure that adequate supervision by members of teaching staff will be made for those pupils who cannot go home or to their emergency destination immediately and will therefore have to remain at school.