Shakespearean Performances 2022-23

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The William Shakespeare Project 2022-23: Drama Competition Winners 

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the William Shakespeare drama competition on Thursday. The judges: Miss Pape, Mr Aitken (governor) and Miss Shaw were hugely impressed by the performances. A well-deserved congratulations to joint winners: Rahee (year 6) for her rousing rendition of ‘Once more unto the breach’, Henry V, and Edward (year 6) for his haunting performance of ‘To be or not to be’, Hamlet.  


Rahee, Henry V (year 6) & Edward, Hamlet (year 6)

Outstanding Performance  

Catherine, Macbeth, (year 4) 

Jona, Henry V (year 6) 

Anna, Macbeth (year 5) 

Izzy, Clara, Bika & Isabel, Macbeth (year 6)

Toby, Hamlet (year 3) 

Malachi, Hamlet (year 6)  

Honourable Mention 

Lara, Erin, Elodie & Florence, Macbeth (year 3) 

Coralie, Hamlet (year 4) 

Elsie & Aggie, The Taming of the Shrew (year 4) 

Alice, Polly & Eliana, Macbeth (year 4) 

Alex, Elliot, Henry & Mattheus, The Tempest (year 6) 

Zakharii, Rahee & Csenge, Macbeth (year 6) 

Anna, Sophie, Bea & George, Macbeth (year 4) 

Zaim, Toby, Marc & Adhil, Macbeth (year 6) 

Maani, Macbeth (year 5) 

Neva, Hamlet (year 4) 

Nola, Macbeth (year 3) 

David, Dexter & Clay, Macbeth (year 4)