Skyping South Africa!

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This week Mr Bovey-Hull has been lucky enough to visit our partnership school in South Africa. On Thursday morning he skyped Y2 and introduced us to the class he has been working with this week. We were able to ask lots of questions, such as what the weather is like, what do the children eat for school lunch and what sorts of animals live in South Africa and how scared did Mr Bovey-Hull feel when he got so close to that lion! The children even sang us a song.
Thinking about how far away South Africa is we have used the structure of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to help us write our own journey tales set in different exotic settings such as enchanted, medieval castles or candy lands.
In maths we have continued to practice our addition and subtraction skills, using number lines to help us check our answers.
We are now looking forward to half term and starting our new big question focus all about hot and cold places when we return.