Summer Fete 2023

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The PTA Summer Fete last Saturday afternoon was wonderful!  Well done to the children who did an amazing job of entertaining us all afternoon. Thank you to Chris who provided the music and managed the sound equipment and Sean, Liz and Zoe who compared! The fete could not have happened without the hard work of many, many parents and volunteers who not only gave up their Saturday but a great deal of their time leading up to the event. Our PTA committee are always incredibly supportive of the work we do for our children and their families and so we would like to thank them all for yet another successful event which was enjoyed by our school community. We would like to give special thanks to Caroline and Katherine who took on the role of organising the fete. Without their commitment it wouldn’t have taken place. Thank you both!

“It was so much fun. I enjoyed playing Splat the Rat (it wasn’t a real rat, it was a sock!), there was also Hook the Duck, and Sponge a Teacher! There was even a fire engine which hosed children down, and there was so much delicious food. Lots of children performed in the Talent Show, including the choir. Other children in the Talent Show sang, played an instrument and even did a puppet show!”

Katherine, Y4