Victorian School Day (Charles Dickens project)

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The children certainly experienced a different school day today! Out went house points and a nurturing learning environment, instead they had endless rules, rote learning, standing to attention and very little smiling from any of the teachers! Welcome to Victorian School Day!

‘We had Victorian Day. We started with assembly and it was very strict! At the end Ms Awuye was holding a metre stick and we had to sing the National Anthem. During lessons, everyone had to sit down in silence and if they had forgotten their reading record they had to go into the dunce corner and put a hat on. If you were a boy you could get the cane 10 times for talking to a girl and 3 times for getting muddy (don’t worry the teachers only pretended). We also learnt about objects from the Victorian times. There was a lace maker bobbin and a digging foot. I really enjoyed it because everyone was pretending to be strict and we had interesting lessons. We had original objects to hold and it is very rare to touch them. It might possibly be the only time that might happen to me. Many people don’t get to touch them.’
Douglas and Tarja, Y3