World Book Day and Fantasy Project

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In year 6, we are now learning about Narnia and reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. So far, we have read and watched parts of the book and film and have written narratives and diary entries. We have discussed our views on the book and some people love it because of the description and how it hooks you in, whilst others say that it is not exciting enough.

I think that it’s a great book and I can’t wait to get to the main problem part.

We also had a celebration of different books and characters on World Book Day. Everyone dressed up, including the staff, and it was so funny.

Here is what some people dressed up as:

  • Hot dog, hot diggity dog, it’s Colin dressed as a hot dog!
  • He breathes fire and has sharp claws – it’s Nadim the dragon!
  • It doesn’t have a normal heart but instead a heart of straw – it’s Maria the scarecrow.
  • And of course many dressed up from Narnia including Thomas as Aslan and Miss Bell, Alexandra and Eirini as the White Witch.

It was a joyous day with lots of fun and laughter.

Amelie and Ella, 6P