Y3’s trip to Hill End

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Yr3’s trip to Hill End was filled with adventure. On a warm summer day, we learnt how to read maps, to crack codes and survive in the wild. Firstly, as part of orienteering, we used maps to locate letters on posts to break codes. Afterwards, we went to an ancient forest (which has existed for 600-years-old) to build shelters out of sticks, tarps, and rocks. Inside our den there was a flaming fireplace, a moss bed and an unbreakable chandelier! Eventually, although I couldn’t make fire, others did use cotton wool and a flint and steel. Maria, Y3


Our class’s school trip to Hill End was full of wonderful things. Our day was split into two parts in the forest and map reading. The first thing we did was trekking up into the forest. We stopped in a small clearing where we set up camp. There were lots of things to do such as den building and fire lighting. After we had lunch, we set off to do map reading. We had to find a series of numbers and letters. In the end, everyone agreed it was a big success. Martha, Y3