Year 1’s visit to The Oxfordshire Museum (Charles Dickens project)

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The children had lots of fun walking around The Oxfordshire Museum. We saw a Victorian toilet, bath and a steam bath box. We saw the toys that Victorian children played with and we even got to play with some ourselves! We made our own wooden dolls and put on some puppet shows for our friends.
Year 1

“We went on the coach there and it was really fun and we played eye-spy. We also played noughts and crosses. When we got there we saw Victorian things. We saw a flushing toilet. They had to walk outside to use the toilet (even if it was dark!). The flushing toilet made a funny sound. We also saw dinosaurs – we saw real dinosaur footprints! They were even bigger than our whole body! There was an enormous bike – the front wheel was much bigger than the back wheel! It was really difficult to get on. We give the trip ten out of ten.”
Hanna, Eita, Andreas and Celeste, Y1