Year 5 Workshop – Ancient Greek Language and History

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Ancient Greece – Y5 Workshop

A big thank you to Dr Kantor and Dr Kalinina who came in today to deliver workshops on the Greek language and Ancient Greek history to Year 5. The children certainly learnt lots!

“We learnt lots of different things in the workshop. Did you know Sparta used very heavy gold coins, instead of the small, lighter coins of the Athenians? Also, all the cities of Greece started claiming Homer was born in their city-states because they wanted to be famous. And the Romans used the Phalanx for a short while after conquering Greece.” Ethan

“We learnt a lot about Ancient Greek. It was very complicated! For example, an x written like an x is not an x! A p is written a p but it’s not a p! But a b is a b! We also learnt about papyrus and how it was written on. It was very interesting.” Derin