Year 6’s Letter of Thanks: Oxford Mail Reports!

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Year 6’s Bollard Success!

A big congratulations to our Year 6 children, who successfully petitioned the council to fix the bollards on Aristotle bridge, in January. As a sign of appreciation, our Year 6 pupils wrote a letter to Oxford county council to thank them for resolving the issue, which has also been published in the Oxford Mail.

The letter to the council reads: “We are writing to thank you for addressing our concerns regarding the bollard by Aristotle Bridge next to our school, St Philip and St James’ Primary. We are sincerely grateful that you have taken our request and survey seriously. After completing our survey about how many bikes and cars went over Aristotle Bridge between 8.30am and 9am, we are thankful that you have repaired the bollard. Over the last few weeks, the impact of your actions has benefitted our school community greatly, allowing all pupils to come to school safely. Your actions will continue to be extremely helpful in limiting which vehicles can or can’t go over the bridge, ensuring the safety of all pupils and adults arriving at our school. We also feel much safer cycling to school as cars aren’t recklessly charging over the bridge. Once again, we really appreciate you fixing the bollard and are glad that you could help keep the local citizens safe.”

Well done, Year 6!