Young Art Oxford

The winners of the Young Art 2020 competition have been announced!

As you know the theme this year was ‘2020 Vision’.

Across the school, there was a very high standard of pictures which meant that we entered our highest number ever – over 230 artworks!

The judges were Korky Paul (famously the illustrator of Winnie the Witch), Dr Sarah Simblet (an artist and Professor of drawing at the Ruskin School of Art), David Melling (an illustrator of the Hugless Douglas series and The Kiss that Missed) and Kieran Styles (a landscape painter and visiting Research Fellow in the Creative Arts at Merton College).

These prestigious judges selected 43 entries in total.

Congratulations to all of you!

Here are the winners…

EYFS: Danielle G, Douglas M, Evie C, George H, Grace W, Jesse F and Kuba D.

Year 1: Calvin L, Cecily Q, Iris W, Liam L, Matilda M and Susanna L.

Year 2: Abigail A, Florence M, George K, Harry B, Isla C and Julek S.

Year 3: Amélie G, Edward W, Genevieve A, Jacob S and Orya C.

Year 4: Alex L, Alexandra A, Anoushka S, Azumi T, Pierrick D, Romola P, Thomas D and Xanthe Q.

Year 5: Devon R, Lucy D and Wilfrid S.

Year 6: Adriana M-H, Ahmed A, Asha B, Joshua A, Maria KH, Millie P, Milo D and Zak L

Sadly, this year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak the exhibition has been cancelled. All of these winners will receive a certificate in due course from the Young Art organisers. You can view a digital exhibition of the art work here.

As information comes in from the competition organisers, we will keep you informed of any further developments. Once the artwork has been returned, we will celebrate and display the children’s success at school.