Young Voices 2022

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Young Voices

Written by Eirini and Beth 6P

Young voices was a memorable, life-changing experience for all of year six. Everyone who participated in this phenomenal experience enjoyed the concert immensely and will be glad to look back on it in their older years and smile.
Despite the off-put of Coronavirus, teachers and pupils alike agree it was unquestionably worth the wait. Young Voices is the world’s largest children’s choir with over 4000 students from 99 schools from all over England. Together they sang hits from the latest to-be-released pop songs, then travelled the audience back in time to the Beatles and the Muppet Show. They also enjoyed backing pop songs for bands including the Undertones, The Beatbox collectives, Ruthi and more remarkable singers and performers!
Whether watching it at home or there as an attendant, the performance can be viewed from all over the world, to ensure everyone had the joy of the experience. “It’s a great opportunity for young people who love to sing!”(Joe).
As Gulperi puts it beautifully: “Yes, I have attended young voices and enjoyed the Beatles medley as it was very enjoyable and engaging to watch and perform.”
In summary, the concert’s musicians, whether number one single artists or just ordinary school students, were outstanding and every word that left their lips sent their audience into a frenzy of applause.