Young Voices 2023

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Young Voices was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When we came there, there were so many different schools and people singing! But once you got lost in the music, we all became one big choir. All the people were so friendly and made sure that the concert was absolutely amazing! It was so beautiful seeing all the lights and dazzling white shirts in the dark, illuminating the whole stadium. Every voice and every movement was so mesmerising as each and every person did it at the same time, resulting in a stunning performance. I would definitely guarantee that the year sixes to come will love it!

Rahee, Year 6


We had so much fun. It was fantastic! There were beatboxes and dancers. It was awesome in the stadium. During the concert, the technicians had the power to change your t-shirts to different colours. How crazy is that! The band was epic. So were the beatboxes, they were so good there are no words to describe them. The dancers, well there is no word in the universe to describe them. They have grooves! The violinist was fantastical! I would like to thank all the staff and the Young Voices staff for this unforgettable experience. It was so good.

Penny, Year 6